Friday, December 20, 2013

The best Christmas Pageant Ever book review

   We finished our 4th novel, The best Christmas pageant ever written by Barbara Robinson. The main characters in this story are the Herdman's. The way I would describe the Herdman's are sometimes they're  mean to people. The one thing that surprised me about this book was the Herdman's being mean to everybody. A few character traits that I found in this novel were the Herdman's are careless and don't  feed their cat.  My favorite character in this novel was Alice because she tried really hard to be Mary, in the program. We are going to read the sequel to this novel the worst school year ever over break. I'm looking forward to be reading this book because it seems like a good book. I think this book was good because it was kinda funny LOL!!! If I could have one of the Herdman's as my friend it would be neither because they always make fun of people.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's a Scoop!

     Today is November 15,2013 and the weather is getting cold. We have been working hard in Math.
We learned new Divisibility rules. Divisibility is when you have to divide or Multiply all the number you get for your questions. 
     Our number if the day was 33. We take a number and Add, Multiply, Subract,and Divide you have to find anything to equal 33. 
     Mrs.Binge's class is selling snack passes for a $1.00. If you want a snack you have to bring a $1.00.You could get a piece of Bubble gum and stuff like that you just have to bring a dollar, and all the girls are gonna ask if you have any money. The money they raise goes to Growing Strong and Habitat for Humanity. 
     Congratulations to the following students that made the Durffe basketball team; Tyler,Kaderious,Jacobe,Jahmel,Kamilian,and Trelyn. Their first game 
is Tuseday at the Disc 3:45. 
     Our next State and Capitals test is on Wednesday, November 20. 2013.
I am currently studying to get a good grade and do right. I am sure I will do Kindoff good. There is a song on You Yube that we have been using to help us with our States. I really like the song.We have also been studying lots of Vocabulary words. Each week we make flash cards, work on sentences, graphic organizers and make videos with our iPads. My favorite word we've learned so far is Prejudge .
The defintion for this word is to make a decision before you have a ll the facts. 
     Our Holiday program is in December 12, 2013 at 12:45. The 5th graders will be singing Jingle bell rock and We will Jingle. In reading we are on a novel it is called Loser. The book is about a kid who wants to be like his dad. And other students in his classroom.I like this book because it funny and good to read. And the best part about being at Durfee Magnet School is being with Mrs.Walker her class is really really fun, exept some of the times the students gets on her nerves. But I'm the good one so I ain't got no worries!!!!!:)
"Oh" yeah I forgot stay away from DRUGS!!!!!! 

Sincerely, Jacobe Jaydanual Tennin Junior 

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Little Brother

I have a little brother
he's cool and he rules
the only thing he says
is I have a new pool.

Yes he likes the water
yes he like to swim
The only thing about it
 I'm definitely not like him.

"Yes" I like to rhyme 
 wasting my time
 but when I'm in school 
  I'm in my learning time!!!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Here's a Scoop

H Today is October 4,2013. It has been a alright day this week. I did AMAZING on my states test and got a 100%. I will start working on my Capitals. The one thing I find difficult when learning about states is the East Cost states because they were close togeather. 

In Math we have been working on Place Value. I think Place Value is so easy. We worked on iTunes U with Ms.Ellis in Math. I really like it. The most interesting thing working with iTunes U is doing a lot of work. We started a new novel called Shiloh. It is about this boy named Marty and a dog named Shiloh. There is a  guy named Judd who tried to take Shiloh away from Marty. The one thing thing I like so far about the novel is Shiloh because I kind of like Beagle dogs. The one thing I didn't like was when Marty told those lies. One character trait the describes character Marty is he is a good liar. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Three important facts are : About 55,000 people are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year. : Of these about 400 are men. : 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime. 
Grades come out in a couple of weeks. I'm sure I did Great!! Sometimes I feel nervous about the grades I get.

Love! Jacobe

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maniac Magee

 Hi! My name is Jacobe and our first novel in 5th grade was Maniac Magee. The first thing that 
happened in the Maniac Magee book was when Maniac parents died because of a trolley accident.The 
most interesting that happened next was when Maniac met a girl named Amanda at her new school and she was holding a suitcase. I really like the part when Maniac met this guy named John McNab at a baseball field. Maniac was the only person who hit John McNabs baseball throw. This was the really sad part in the book, Maniac met this guy named Grayson a few days later Grayson died and nobody went to his funeral. Finally, the last thing that happened in the book was when Maniac was homeless the Beals family let him stay with them. The book taught me a lesson, I learned to never ever bite off someone's else's candy bar. The book reminded me of something, when Maniac caught the football with one hand it reminded  me a catching a football and scoring a touchdown.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walker 5th Grade Wonders!!!

When I walked through the doors of Durfee Magnet School I saw my  new teacher Mrs. Walker!!! The one thing that I enjoyed so far about 5th grade is sitting in the computer lab because it is so cool in there. It is so hot in our classroom papers were sticking to my arm. The hardest thing I had to do in the 5th grade was the Maniac Magee questions because I didn't like looking back in the book for answers. If I was a teacher I would let everybody wear a hat every day because they might have a bad haircut or I just wanna be the best teacher in the world. What I expect to learn in room 12 is more Order of Operations. All the stuff that describe me is handsome, can dance, swag,and always a General. All the people that's important to me are my family. There important to me because they love me and I love them back. If I had a best friend it would be Mrs.Walker because she's always nice to me.

Here's the Scoop from room 12

Today is another HOT day in Room 12.  It's Wednesday, September 11, 2013.   The temperature says it is 86 right now.    The hardest part about being in school when it's hot is doing tests.   This week we will be taking two district tests in Reading and Math.  I think I did wonderful.   We have been reading Maniac Magee.   The best part of the book so far is when Ms. Beale slapped Maniac.   I really didn't like it but it sounded funny.   We have been working on Plot, Character and Setting while reading Maniac Magee.   Plot is a series of events that takes the character through an experience or change.   Character is the person or animal in the story.  Setting is where the story takes place.   We will be taking a States Test on September 25th.  I am sue I will take my time and do my BEST!!!!!!!!  
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