Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Here's the Scoop from room 12

Today is another HOT day in Room 12.  It's Wednesday, September 11, 2013.   The temperature says it is 86 right now.    The hardest part about being in school when it's hot is doing tests.   This week we will be taking two district tests in Reading and Math.  I think I did wonderful.   We have been reading Maniac Magee.   The best part of the book so far is when Ms. Beale slapped Maniac.   I really didn't like it but it sounded funny.   We have been working on Plot, Character and Setting while reading Maniac Magee.   Plot is a series of events that takes the character through an experience or change.   Character is the person or animal in the story.  Setting is where the story takes place.   We will be taking a States Test on September 25th.  I am sue I will take my time and do my BEST!!!!!!!!  
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