Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walker 5th Grade Wonders!!!

When I walked through the doors of Durfee Magnet School I saw my  new teacher Mrs. Walker!!! The one thing that I enjoyed so far about 5th grade is sitting in the computer lab because it is so cool in there. It is so hot in our classroom papers were sticking to my arm. The hardest thing I had to do in the 5th grade was the Maniac Magee questions because I didn't like looking back in the book for answers. If I was a teacher I would let everybody wear a hat every day because they might have a bad haircut or I just wanna be the best teacher in the world. What I expect to learn in room 12 is more Order of Operations. All the stuff that describe me is handsome, can dance, swag,and always a General. All the people that's important to me are my family. There important to me because they love me and I love them back. If I had a best friend it would be Mrs.Walker because she's always nice to me.

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