Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maniac Magee

 Hi! My name is Jacobe and our first novel in 5th grade was Maniac Magee. The first thing that 
happened in the Maniac Magee book was when Maniac parents died because of a trolley accident.The 
most interesting that happened next was when Maniac met a girl named Amanda at her new school and she was holding a suitcase. I really like the part when Maniac met this guy named John McNab at a baseball field. Maniac was the only person who hit John McNabs baseball throw. This was the really sad part in the book, Maniac met this guy named Grayson a few days later Grayson died and nobody went to his funeral. Finally, the last thing that happened in the book was when Maniac was homeless the Beals family let him stay with them. The book taught me a lesson, I learned to never ever bite off someone's else's candy bar. The book reminded me of something, when Maniac caught the football with one hand it reminded  me a catching a football and scoring a touchdown.

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