Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's a Scoop!

     Today is November 15,2013 and the weather is getting cold. We have been working hard in Math.
We learned new Divisibility rules. Divisibility is when you have to divide or Multiply all the number you get for your questions. 
     Our number if the day was 33. We take a number and Add, Multiply, Subract,and Divide you have to find anything to equal 33. 
     Mrs.Binge's class is selling snack passes for a $1.00. If you want a snack you have to bring a $1.00.You could get a piece of Bubble gum and stuff like that you just have to bring a dollar, and all the girls are gonna ask if you have any money. The money they raise goes to Growing Strong and Habitat for Humanity. 
     Congratulations to the following students that made the Durffe basketball team; Tyler,Kaderious,Jacobe,Jahmel,Kamilian,and Trelyn. Their first game 
is Tuseday at the Disc 3:45. 
     Our next State and Capitals test is on Wednesday, November 20. 2013.
I am currently studying to get a good grade and do right. I am sure I will do Kindoff good. There is a song on You Yube that we have been using to help us with our States. I really like the song.We have also been studying lots of Vocabulary words. Each week we make flash cards, work on sentences, graphic organizers and make videos with our iPads. My favorite word we've learned so far is Prejudge .
The defintion for this word is to make a decision before you have a ll the facts. 
     Our Holiday program is in December 12, 2013 at 12:45. The 5th graders will be singing Jingle bell rock and We will Jingle. In reading we are on a novel it is called Loser. The book is about a kid who wants to be like his dad. And other students in his classroom.I like this book because it funny and good to read. And the best part about being at Durfee Magnet School is being with Mrs.Walker her class is really really fun, exept some of the times the students gets on her nerves. But I'm the good one so I ain't got no worries!!!!!:)
"Oh" yeah I forgot stay away from DRUGS!!!!!! 

Sincerely, Jacobe Jaydanual Tennin Junior 

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